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Sprint Bound ZTE Tablet Hits The FCC

Chinese manufacturer ZTE seems to be dead set on making a big splash this year.  Just last week we brought you news that a mysterious ZTE handset was headed to Sprint. Then we saw the world’s first Nvidia Tegra 3 tablet displayed at a trade show in Japan and manufactured by ZTE.  Now we are hearing, by way of liliputing, that a top secret ZTE tablet is also on the inbound train to Sprint.

Not much is known about this tablet except the size specs suggest a 7″ screen. The tablet also has WiFi, Bluetooth and wireless data connectivity.  It’s also believed to have a camera and GPS.

That makes two new ZTE devices headed to Sprint. We are a week away from CTIA and haven’t received any information on a Sprint event at CTIA’s Enterprise and Applications Show.  Typically Sprint uses CTIA as a platform to announce new devices.  At last year’s fall CTIA show SprintID was released alongside the Kyocacera Zio, LG Optimus S and the Samsung Transform.  Then at the Sprint CTIA show the HTC Evo Evo 3D and the HTC Evo View 4G were announced.

source: Liliputing

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