Soundhound To Be Pre-Installed On Select Android Devices

Soundhound and Acer have entered into a partnership that will result in SoundHound’s music discovery application coming pre-installed in future Acer Android devices.

Acer manufactures both smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system. In the US Acer has had a much larger presence in the tablet space. Their flagship A500 Honeycomb tablet was a big hit in box box retailers with it’s thin form factor and sturdy design.

The A500 had many of the same specs found on other 10.1″ Android tablets including a 10.1″ screen, and a dual core 1ghz Nvidia Tegra 2 processor.  Acer has also released the A100 with the same processor specs as the backbone in a 7″ frame.

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Although the announcement didn’t highlight whether SoundHound would be featured in tablets or phones, we’ve heard that it will appear on both form factors.

“We are thrilled to make SoundHound available on selected Acer devices around the world,” said Amir Arbabi, vice president of business development at SoundHound Inc. “Acer consistently seeks to offer the highest quality and most compelling services to its customer base. Our partnership with Acer enables free access to SoundHound, the best-in-class music search and discovery service, including blazing fast music recognition and unique sing and hum recognition.”

Acer is a part of the Gateway family and has made a commitment to continue innovation within the Android Operating System.

source: Soundhound