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Samsung Galaxy Tab, Planes, Trains And Bikes?

Back in June we told you about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and how it had been chosen to fuel the in-flight entertainment on select transcontinental and transatlantic flights on American Airlines.

And of course Samsung makes a bunch of accessories, including the keyboard dock, that are great for using your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on the train.

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Now our friends at slasghear have found a press release from Samsung UK highlighting the Samsung Galaxy Bike. Now we’re not talking a simple bike accessory for transporting your Galaxy Tab, no.. Samsung has made the bike itself, as well.  Samsung has teamed up with a specialty bike manufacturer named 14 Bike Co to offer an extremely high performance, lightweight bike, that just happens to have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 holder built in.

The bike weighs in at just 125g and has a super strong premium finish. The bike is built on a lightweight steel frame and the tab holder is by F1.  The paint job on the bike is designed to match or shall we say compliment the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The holder for the tab is made from carbon fiber and built to some of the same specifications used on F1 cars..

The bike itself and the holder are designed for people that are on the move. The same type of people that may want to take the tab along for the ride to use bike specific apps and GPS navigation.

There’ s no word on the cost of the bike but when we find out we will let you know.

source: Slashgear

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