Samsung Galaxy S II Trumps iPhone 4S

The general public has spoken as well as Wall Street today after the announcement of the not so thrilling iPhone 4S.  The device is still not 4G/LTE or WiMax compatible and there are already other Android devices that have 1.2ghz and 1.5ghz dual core processors, which of course are faster than the A5 processor in the iPhone 4S.

The Samsung Galaxy S II trumps the iPhone 4G in many ways. Take screen size for instance. Screens are measured more than just diagonally.  Screen size benefits scale by area (length x width) which gives the Samsung Galaxy S II on AT&T 42% more screen area while the screen size on the Sprint and T-Mobile versions come in at a whopping 58% more.

The Galaxy S II is faster…
On AT&T the Samsung Galaxy  S II is 50% faster with AT&T’s 21mbps HSPA+.  And on T-Mobile the Samsung Galaxy S II is three times faster on T-Mobiles 42mbps HSPA+ network (the iPhone 4S is not going to T-Mobile).

The Galaxy S II is the thinnest and fastest smartphone design with the fastest network speed on each of the networks carrying the smartphone. And of course the Galaxy SII has a much more open ecosystem.  Here is a comparison chart of the two devices released by Samsung this evening:

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  1. How ANDROID Guys still think the hardware is all that it takes to make a good phone…
    Just look at the Nokia N95 vs. iPhone 1… Nokias N95 outperformed the iPhone 1 by world (at least the specs) … 5MP Cam, 3G, Multitasking … but whenever I tried to do anything with that phone, I had to “try” 3-4 times before it worked. It was slow, and even scrolling was “stuttering”… so in the end iPhone was worlds apart (better!)…

    Same now, I don’t care if the screen is a little bigger, if the OS suxx! 

    I am a UI Designer and worked on a few (god bless) ANDROID Projects and compared to iOS it is just so bad. 

    The Software is like 70% of the experience, and hardware the rest, its only there to “power” the software.

  2. Say hello again to feature checklist dysfunction.

  3. So, this table highlights the Galaxy’s specs, but ignores higlighting the iPhone 4S’ strengths. Riiight.

    Also, it’s pure specsmanship, which doesn’t work against Apple. Last year’s MacBook Air was the best notebook computer made at the time (until its successor), and it had a *Core 2 Duo* processor.

  4. Well, you _CAN_ use the iPhone as a HDTV remote (if it matters):

  5. Agreed completely! Let alone the fact that he clearly lists iOS5 as the devices OS. Also, to embellish your argument. nothing is “blue” on the 4s’ side. Despite a substantially greater resolution, 1080p is 1080p where did you even get “high profile”? what profile? the profile is 1080p! that’s as “high” as it goes! And now then iTunes, it is no longer required, the phone now supports wireless syncing, and you never have to plug it into a computer. You can use the phone to control an HDTV! And my biggest gripe about stupid comparisons like these, the price. you can only compare this phone to the 16GB phone as that’s all it has memory wise so they are the same price. If you would like to go past that then you will need to find average market price for a 32GB SD card and include that in your cost window. and for good measure a class 10 SD card which will be comparable in the iPhone’s storage speed will set you back $109, if you want to go cheap with a slow class 4 card then $53. these prices increase your prices and need to be included to compare them to a 64GB device. Which BTW the S2 will never be able to attain as 48GB is the device’s maximum.

  6. I own neither an iOS device or an Android device, and I tried taking an objective view of this, as a general cell-phone user, in order to give an objective response, but all I see is subjective zeal from an Android fan, not one bit different than subjective opinions from an iOS fan, so I can’t make an objective reflection of this because there’s no objectivity to be seen here.

  7. “The general public has spoken as well as Wall Street today”

    Dude, if you factor in after hours trading AAPL is down 0.56% which is nothing.

    At least make a fair comparison and highlight some points in the other column like the higher resolution.

    And weight and dimensions don’t mean shit on Android phones when you need to purchase a larger 3rd party battery to receive adequate battery life.

  8. Ouch, do you know anything about being objective? Thank God you’re not a reporter. 

    Here is one thought, the iPhone is the perfect size for everyone. Which includes children and women, not just geeky men. 

    Oh, and you made an error in pricing. The no memory limitations should be for storage, and on the iPhone side 😉

  9. given how the iPad2 was deemed sub-par to its android competition at launch and how, when benchmarked, the heavily customized A5 blew all the competition away with its performance, i would expect much the same with the 4S. take any apple hardware, from macbook to iPhone and it is never at the cutting edge of performance, but as an appliance, they always way out perform their competition. These droid devices hark back to feature phones of old, they are sold on their stats. the iPhone is sold on the platform and apple are years ahead in this department. I have a GSII for a company phone and it is way too big to be considered practical and the UI layer is horrible as is marketplace. Second class in every area except its spec sheet.

  10. ignoring the subjective stuff, there are several errors in this list.

    First, it ignores all the updates coming in iOS5. 
    – initial setup and continued use no longer require a PC (kies air still requires a PC)
    – backups and sync can now be done entirely with iCloud, no PC required

    You’re also missing the entire iCloud data sync feature set, which Google really should’ve launched already considering they’ve had Google Docs & Wave. Basically, the core APIs will make it trivial for app developers to update their apps to sync automatically between devices or computers (pc or mac) using iCloud. Not really sure why Google hasn’t released something similar already as part of the basic API.

    Anyway, that’s just the stuff that’s plain missing/wrong in your list. The subjective calls you’re making are also amusing, but at least they’re subjective. The Galaxy S II is a good phone, but it is reasonable to prefer the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 over Gingerbread, for example.


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