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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Exclusivity Mystery Takes Another Turn

As we were leading up to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus the rumors were hot and heavy about Verizon Wireless carrying the device. First we heard it was a Verizon Wireless exclusive. At that rumor we were all up in arms because a Nexus branded device should never be exclusive, afterall it’s the “developer phone”.

Then when we saw the device launched late on the night of October 18th we heard no mention of Verizon Wireless. The only carrier announced when Google and Samsung did their press conference was Japan’s DoCoMo.  Still no official word about Verizon Wireless.

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Finally last Friday Verizon came to the table and said they were getting the Galaxy Nexus later this year. Then yesterday when you did a search for a Samsung phone on Verizon’s website you would be taken to a Galaxy Nexus sign up page that said “exclusively on Verizon”.  Now, the “exclusively on Verizon” tag line is gone.

We’ve seen the HSPA+ version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus go through the FCC. We also had a tip from Briefmobile which showed Samsung Galaxy Nexus posters headed to their number one third party dealer, United Cellular. Also as Russell Holly point’s out over at, the Nexus has never been a one carrier phone. Sure T-Mobile had a subsidized Nexus One available online only.  T-Mobile also subsidized the Nexus S at Best Buy stores and then Sprint also subsidized their Nexus S 4G when it finally rolled out.  So no matter the strategy here, the game plan is obviously different.

Perhaps Google vetoed Verizon’s use of the word “exclusively” because the word in itself negates the vision of the Nexus program.  What do you think?

source: Phandroid


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