Samsung DoubleTime Could Be Headed To AT&T

Pocketnow is reporting that Samsung may have a midrange 4G Android device headed to AT&T.  Currently they have a midranger on T-Mobile, the Samsung Exhibit 4G. They also have a mid-range Android with WiMAx on Sprint with the Samsung Conquer 4G.  There are also reports that the Samsung Stratosphere will fill that void on Verizon, or it could be the Samsung Illusion.

This leaves a whole in the midrange Android department at AT&T. Samsung and AT&T just released the Galaxy S II on Sunday to big fanfare, but its a far cry from a midrange device.

According to specs from Pocketnow, The Samsung Double Time packs an 800mhz TI processor, 3″ HVGA display, and AT&T’s 3G bands an quadband GSM.  It’s also supposed to come out with Froyo and a 3 mega pixel camera, so yes we are looking at an entry to midrange Android device.

There’s no pictures available yet but when they surface we’ll report it.

source: Pocketnow