Samsung And Google Announcement Liveblog

Google and Samsung just announced the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich. As expected Ice Cream Sandwich is Android version 4.0 and features a lot of things found in Android 3.x Honeycomb.  They announced that there would be both a 4G/LTE version and an HSPA+ version of the device.

They announced the device would be available in November, coming to Japan’s DoCoMo first.  They didn’t say anything at all about Verizon Wireless or AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint for that matter.  We will have to wait and see what they say about US carriers.

For more check out our liveblog after the break

10:59am: Event is done, November launch for Galaxy Nexus with LTE and HSPA+

10:59am: No official date just yet, only November

10:58am: ICS SDK available right now for developers to start now.

10:57am: If someone is playing a game, you can beam the other person to the game on the Market by bumping the phones together, Beam                    has open API’s for developers shipped with Beam

10:56am: Beam is like bump integrated into Android, bumping phones shares anything

10:55am: Android Beam is new NFC sharing between Android devices

10:54am: Quick response allows to ignore calls with texts

10:52am: New phone apps shows people in large pictures, with visual voicemail integrated into call log with awesome UI

10:52am: Quick contacts now allows users to see large photos and updates, and adds people to homescreen

10:50am: New people app also allows swiping to view latest social network updates, with open API’s for third party app support

10:49am: The phone now recognizes people, with people app with new UI and “me” profile. New contact details with info in magazine-                        style layout

10:48am: 1080p allows for zoom while recording, and photos during video just by tapping on the screen, and time lapse video

10:47am: New gallery app is magazine style, panorama now an option with fantastic built in stitching for fantastic photos

10:47am: Everything in the new UI is consistent with new, beautiful gestures.

10:46am: New photo editing tools built in the camera app, and edits are saved as a copy.

10:45am: Camera allows for easier zoom with slider, and very fast shot counts with high resolutions

10:44am: Camera now allows opening from lockscreen, shutter time is less than one second. Share with any apps with open sharing api’s

10:42am: New “data usage” chart allows you to manage and view current and predicted data usage. Also allows to automatically set data                       to shut off at certain point, and allows to see what apps use what data, and cut off background data for specific apps

10:42am: New calendar has pinch to zoom features, and updated UI, all with consistent UI changes

10:40am: New Gmail has offline search, actions bar, and updated UI

10:34am: New browser has updated UI and incognito.

10:30am: Honeycombs most recent apps icon now on Ice Cream Sandwich. You can flick applications away

10:29am: Folders customizable and can be apps, bookmarks, and contacts. You can organize them anyway you want

10:28am: Widgets screen (drawer) next to App drawer. Widgets are now resizable

10:25am As rumored: Galaxy Nexus has NO Buttons

10:24am: modeled Ice Cream Sandwich off a magazine layout that just sucks you in

10:20am: November: US, Europe and Asia.  Japan: Domoco

10:20am: Barometer capability and NFC

10:19am: Full HD Capture, reduced shakes in your images.

10:19am: 5 megapixel HD camera with zero shutter lag

10:18am: hyperskin textured back

10:17am: contour display 8.94mm thin. 4.29mm bezel

10:16am: 1 one hundredth of a second response time

10:15am: Galaxy Nexus is HD superAMOLED 4.65 inch display. 1280×720 resolution 16:9

10:14am: Screen and Display: 80% of people who buy smartphones put display on the top of their list. HD  superAMOLED. The most colorful display on the market contrast ratio of 100,000 to 1. It is very energy efficitent

10:12am: Fast Fast Fast, it’s a huge step up. Both Galaxy Nexus devices have been developed around a 1.2ghz dual core processor

10:12am: Packingham talking about speed

10:10am: Kevin Packingham former Sprint device guru is now the Samsung device guru


10:09am and it’s unveiled, the Galaxy Nexus

10:08am video rolling


10:07am: Andy is wearing his signature outfit and he just announced that Ice Cream Sandwich is Android 4.0

10:07am: Andy Lubin LOL Andy Rubin on stage now

10:06am: Google+ integration

10:06am: LTE Technology and HSPA+ version

10:05am: Today Samsung and Google unveil the first Ice Cream Sandwich smartphome

10:04am: Shin talking about the last year with the Android platform

10:04am: JK Shin is on stage

10:03am: Kim Titus on stage. He doesn’t look like a banker

10:02am: Animation on screens, wow right on time

10:00am We’re getting ready, like all of you!

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