Sadness: Nexus One Not Getting Ice Cream Sandwich

When the Google started the Nexus program two years ago with the Nexus One it was promised to be a pure “Vanilla” Android experience and it was also promised to get updates rather quickly.  Google has stuck by that promise through Android 2.3.x Gingerbread.

Of course with the improvements in hardware, processor and software we knew a time would come when the specs of the Nexus One would no longer deliver an optimum performance for the newest version of Android. That time has come.

Hugo Berra, Google’s Director of Android Product Management, told the Telegraph today that the Nexus One’s hardware was simply too old to support Android 4.0, dubbed “Ice Cream Sandwich”.

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Although Nexus One owners are going to be upset that their favorite Android phone won’t get updated to Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, the phone is two years old, which in smartphone years is like 80.  Some sites are suggesting that Google didn’t really hold up their end of the bargain with the Nexus One, because it only saw 2 full upgrades, but remember it has seen every update in between.

The original Nexus One was available via Google’s online store which proved to be a failure in marketing.  Some T-Mobile customers were allowed to take advantage of upgrade timing on a somewhat subsidized plan, otherwise if you got the AT&T version you were stuck at full price.

Good news for those who did enjoy the subsidy your contract is almost up so you may want to switch to Verizon for the Galaxy Nexus.

Barra went onto confirm that the Nexus S would get Ice Cream Sandwich, and for those of you die-hards out there we’re sure there will be a buffet of Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs available for your Nexus Ones.

source: The Telegraph via Unwired