Radio Shack Internal Document Has HTC Vigor Launching October 20th

Well folks, we’ve all been patiently waiting on the announce and release of the HTC Vigor, HTC’s next device that will be hitting Verizon. The device is a powerhouse, featuring a 4.3 inch 720p screen, a 1.5 ghz dual-core processor, and Sense 3.5 on top of Android 2.3.4. The Vigor will be a 4G LTE device, often said to be replacing the Thunderbolt. We have all been waiting to get our hands on the Vigor, and with a Radio Shack document stating an October 20th release date we may be in business. Radio Shack has this device along with others on schedule for the store launch, with the Vigor coming the 20th. Our friends over at Droid-Life have spotted an accessories page on Verizon’s site, which would make us speculate the device coming soon, maybe as soon as this month. Now with Radio Shack prepping employees for an October 20th release date, keep your eyes peeled for a launch on that date. We won’t know 100%sure until Verizon and HTC announce the device themselves, but the 20th is definitely a reasonable, and even probable launch date at this point. Stay tuned to TheDroidGuy for more updates on the Vigor’s launch, and all other Android news.

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  1. i was hoping for the 13th so that extra week will be agonizing. i’ll make it work though if this is the real date.

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