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Quick Video Review: HTC Evo Design 4G On Sprint

Sprint has recently (possibly unbeknownst to them) added a new category of Android phones. This category sits firmly in between mid-range phone and the superphones that we all love to dote about. This is a great category for consumers.  Over the weekend we unboxed and reviewed the other phone in this category the LG Marquee, today we are checking out the HTC Evo Design 4G.

The first thing we notice about the Design 4G is the 4G part. This means that  it will operate on Sprint’s current 4G WiMax network. The other thing that makes this phone special is it’s the first HTC Evo world phone meaning you can use it internationally (with an international plan of course).

Aside from those two things what we have is a very solid Android device. It’s sleek looking design and light weight. The 1.2ghz single core processor is just a little bump up from the HTC Evo 4G, Sprint’s flagship Evo device released in June of 2010 and still one of the most popular Android devices, not only on Sprint but out of the whole Android ecosystem.

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The HTC Evo Design 4G is a little smaller than the HTC Evo 4G and not quite as small as the HTC Evo Shift 4G. It should also be better received than the shift, even without a qwerty keyboard.

It features a 4 inch qhd display with a resolution of 960×540 making images pop off the screen.  There is a 5 megapixel camera on the rear and a 1.3 megapixel camera on the front for video chatting over 3G, 4G and Wifi.  It’s also running the latest versions of Android (2.3 Gingerbread) and HTC’s Sense UI.

We would recommend the HTC Evo Design 4G for any new person to Android or perhaps anyone who’s coming up on 2 years with the HTC Hero and may not want the sophistication of one of the new super Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S II or the Motorola Photon 4G.

The HTC Evo Design 4G also works great for business folks with Microsoft Exchange and the full Google apps suite.

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