Quick Look At The LG Marquee On Sprint VIDEO

Sprint has invented a new Android category which is firmly in the middle of mid-range and super phone. The LG Marquee and the HTC Evo Design 4G definitely fit in that category. If you’re new to Android or you’re growing from an entry level phone you may find the LG Marquee, it’s solid build, latest version of Android, awesome camera with flash and 1ghz processor fits you perfectly.

The display on the LG Marquee is absolutely brilliant and stands up well in the sun, which is something you need on a smartphone.  It has a 4″ NOVA display and NOVA is LG’s answer to rival Samsung’s SuperAMOLED.

Although dual core is what everyone is talking about these days the 1ghz processor in the LG Marquee was enough to handle swiping through screens, apps and coming back to an app at the end of a phone call, things we look for, for real life users.

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At one point we loaded the LG Marquee down pretty well. We had gtalk conversations going, SMS conversations going, Google+ messenger, Google plus feeds and Twitter alerts and it moved through each task without any lag.

The camera on the back was great in normal conditions. At night the flash is what you’d expect from a single LED flash.

The LG Marquee features SprintID which is great for new Android users it lets you pick a package of widgets, wallpapers, and apps and download it as one theme. This could come in handy for some folks.  We noticed that this device wasn’t really heavy on bloatware in fact we didn’t even see Sprint’s signature Nascar app in the drawer.

The biggest downside is that this phone isn’t 4G/WiMax and we’re not exactly sure why. We find it very comparable to the HTC Evo Design 4G but of course with the 4G if you’re in one of Sprint’s 4G markets it may be a deal breaker.

For us the bottom line is the phone is well made, it’s light but doesn’t’ feel cheap. The display rocks as well as the camera, and it handles multi-tasking very well. We’re not sure if it will get Ice Cream Sandwich or not but we’d say the odds are against it. If you can live with Gingerbread and a sub $100 price tag this may be a device worth checking out.