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Qualified Rumor: Samsung Galaxy SII HD 4G LTE Headed To AT&T Launching Next Month?

So we received this interesting tip this morning from one of our Twitter followers. He said that he had heard from a friend of his who is an AT&T Core store manager that the Austin Texas market was getting ready to rollout 4G/LTE on AT&T and that because of that they weren’t getting the Samsung Galaxy S II.

A call to the MoPac store revealed that the tipper was correct. They don’t carry the Samsung Galaxy S II in store, they can order it for you.  Then we called the West 5th street store in Austin.  An associate that identified himself as a manager said that they are not carrying the Samsung Galaxy S II or the Motorola Atrix 2 because they are in his words “Planning an aggressive 4G/LTE rollout”.

As the conversation continued he said that they were getting a special version of the Samsung Galaxy S II next month when 4G/LTE launches in Austin Texas and a bunch of other markets.  I told him that our contract ends around Thanksgiving (and it does) and he said that if I waited until that time I would be able to get the special version of the Samsung Galaxy S II.

So why is this rumor “qualified” for us find out after the break

We’ve seen how aggressive Samsung is with the Samsung Galaxy S II.  In fact they’ve sold 30 million to date.  There would have to be a damn good reason that the Samsung Galaxy S II wouldn’t be in AT&T’s core stores in the South Texas region.  We just saw the Samsung Galaxy S II HD go through the FCC and we know that AT&T has 5 4G/LTE markets.  Calls at two more stores in Austin confirmed that 4G/LTE will be in Austin before Thanksgiving.  With mixed reports on the Samsung Galaxy S II HD.

So again this is a qualified rumor, but remember Texas is Samsung’s home state so it’s odd that a whole market, one that is definitely getting LTE in the very near future, doesn’t have the SGSII. As for the Motorola Atrix 2? That’s still a mystery,

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