Q3 Mobile Mix Report Shows Android With A Steady Lead

Month over month Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix report has shown that Android is steadily growing across their mobile ad platform. Millennial Media has the largest independent mobile ad platform in the world.

Millennial Media gets their data from actual devices that touch their network rather than a small survey sample. The Mobile Mix report often times gives a more accurate snapshot than some of the other data available.  This month the Mobile Mix report covers the entire third quarter rather than just last month.

In the third quarter smartphones grew 7% month over month and 37% year over year. Smartphones overall showed an increase to 72% of the mix of devices with feature phones holding 14% each, respectively.

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Android led the OS platform war in the third quarter. Android had 56% of the impressions while iOS accounted for just about half of that at 28%. RIM/Blackberry is holding on with dear life to a 13% stake of impressions. The up and coming Windows Phone 7 platform is showing just 1% of the impressions, however Nokia and Microsoft are hoping that may change with the roll out of three new Windows Phone 7 devices expected this week.

Millennial Media agrees with most analysts that the success of Android is based on the variety of devices in the ecosystem. Millennial Media specifically cites that Android is available at every price point which makes for rapid consumer adoption.

Apple’s iPhone was the top device connected to the network with Android OEM’s coming in at the 2nd (Samsung), 3rd (HTC), 5th (Motorola), 6th (LG), 7th (Huawei), 9th (Sanyo) and 10th (Kyocera). Overall HTC represented 16% of the top manufacturers ranking in the third quarter. HTC has grown 100% year over year.  HTC also had 6 phones on the top 20 phone list with the HTC Desire actually having the highest position at number 5.

Interestingly enough the LG Optimus has showed up on Millennial’s top 20 device list as the highest Android device and the number 2 spot overall. Motorola’s original Droid and the Droid X have shown up in spots 4 and 6 respectively. Currently the Samsung Galaxy S II hasn’t shown up on the list and with 10 million devices in the wild this seems a bit odd.
Huawei, who’s trying to take the Android operating system by storm, has tripled their growth on the Mobile Mix report. Both the Ascend and the Ideos show up on the top 20 list. Huawei, along with ZTE (which didn’t appear on the Mobile Mix report) are making in-roads by targeting feature phone owners who may want to get into their first smartphone device.

Android had 15 of the top 20 phones on the Mobile Mix device list in Q3.

source: Millennial Media

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