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Nook Color 2 Coming November 7?

Barnes and Noble’s original Nook Color was a huge success. Readers took advantage of it’s easy to use functionality and large color screen while Android enthusiasts rooted it and took advantage of the cheapest good quality Android tablet at the time.  Barnes and Noble’s biggest competitor came right for the jugular last month when they announced the Android powered Kindle fire.

While it was most likely always in the cards to follow up the Nook Color, we get the feeling that Amazon may have sped up the process.

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The digital reader is reporting from various anonymous sources that a Nook Color 2 is on the way. Not only that though, Barnes & Noble workers are telling Digital Reader’s Nate Hoffelder that some stores are getting a reset and moving the Nook front and center to where the customer service counter used to be.

Presumably the new “Nook Department” will display all of Barnes & Noble’s in house e-reader offerings along with accessories and possibly classes on how to operate the new Nook Color.

Barnes & Noble is Amazon’s only true remaining competition in the e-book space. Earlier this year Borders filed for bankruptcy and have liquidated any stores that weren’t sold off to other companies like Books-A-Million.

It seems that if we just wait another 10 days we should see the brand new Android powered Barnes & Noble Nook Color.

source: digital reader

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