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Motorola Admiral Caught In The Wild Sprint’s First PTT Android

We are well aware that there have been a couple Android handsets including the Motorola i1 on Sprint’s Nextel network. However Sprint has decided to shut down Nextel’s Iden network and use that spectrum for their forthcoming LTE network. They also decided they didn’t want to stop offering push to talk so they are rolling it out within the Sprint CDMA network.

The first smartphone to go on Sprint’s new CDMA PTT network is the Motorola Admiral.¬† In true “Nextel” fashion not only is the Admiral a push-to-talk phone but its also ruggedized as only a Nextel phone would be.

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Engadget is reporting that the Motorola has a unique, “top heavy” form factor. Spec wise we’re looking at a huge upgrade from the Iden Android devices. The Admiral is running on a 1.2ghz single core processor. It has a 3.1 inch VGA display (meh), and a 5 megapixel camera that shoots video in 720p (not so meh). The biggest kicker, is the 1860mah battery. Sure part of that is to absorb the battery drain from push to talk but we’re expecting you’ll get a good days work out of this phone.

Sprint has already “accidentally” leaked a video of the Admiral and now Engadget has the “in the wild” pics. It shouldn’t be too much longer before this rugged boy is released to the masses via Sprint. <chirp chirp>

source: Engadget

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