Microsoft Lands Another Android Licensing Deal

Microsoft has announced their 10th deal for Android patent licensing.  Microsoft holds a number of patents that the Android operating system encompasses. Rather than taking various OEM and ODM’s to court for patent lawsuits, Microsoft prefers to license their patents out.  They already have lucrative deals with both HTC and Samsung.

Today they announced a licensing agreement with a Taiwanese ODM called Compal.  Compal isn’t well known in the United States however, like FoxConn, they manufacture products for other big name companies. Some of Compal’s clients in the Android ecosystem include Dell, Acer, and Toshiba.  Overseas they are also a manufacturer for Fujitsu.

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This new licensing agreement includes devices Compal manufactures with Android and with Chrome.  Microsoft was mum on the amount of the deal. Microsoft’s two top patent guys Brad Smith and Horacio Gutierrez said this in a blog post:

“Amidst continuing clamor about uncertainty and litigation relating to smartphone patents, we’re putting in place a series of agreements that are reasonable and fair to both sides. Our agreements ensure respect and reasonable compensation for Microsoft’s inventions and patent portfolio. Equally important, they enable licensees to make use of our patented innovations on a long-term and stable basis.”

source: Geekwire