Ludei Launches New Game, Sumon, On iOS, HTML5 And Android Simultaneously

As we get more and more into a world of apps and games we are going to see more and more developers go multi-platform. The developers who can release titles seamlessly across multiple platforms at the same time are going to be the clear winners.

Ludei, a game development company originally from Spain, has taken up residence in San Francisco and is looking to launch global games out of the U.S.

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Ludei has developed their own development tool called CocoonJS which allows for cross platform development.

Sumon is a puzzle type arcade game with “Tetris like” game play. Gamers race against the clock to try and tap different numbers and reach their desired sum.  Although it’s a relatively easy concept the game is competitive, fun and one of those time wasting addictive games. The game play is the same across multiple platforms.

“Sumon is the first in a series of titles that is going to take advantage of bleeding edge innovation in mobile entertainment as we plan for a bigger footprint in the U.S. and worldwide,” said Eneko Knorr, CEO of Ludei. “By launching on HTML5, iOS and Android, we’re able to bring Sumon to the largest possible audience, a sentiment that is often discussed but rarely executed—until now.”

Ludei plans to use their CocoonJS technology to continue to develop games across multiple platforms for more simultaneous launches, which should become the next trend in mobile gaming.