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Looxcie Adds Great Accessories To The Coolest Android Accessory!

Last November when we first saw the original Looxcie camera we called it the coolest must have Android accessory available. Now that it’s in it’s second generation it’s still one of the coolest must have Android accessories.

For a refresher, the Looxcie is a bluetooth over the ear camera that interacts with your Android phone via an app downloadable from the Android Market.  The Looxcie app serves as part viewfinder, part editor, part media conduit so that you can record videos on the go, never miss an important moment and get them shared instantly.

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The Looxcie camera records in a continuous loop until you tell it to take a clip. You can take the entire video contents of the Looxcie and edit it any way you want.  It’s great for birthday parties, hikes, bike rides, personal security and documenting things from a first person view.

Today Looxcie announces, just in time for the holidays, a whole line of accessories that make it easier to use your Looxcie camera in all kinds of situations. They’ve also added three new lenses, a fish eye lens, telephoto lens and macro lens.  Clips, mounts, lenses and chargers are now all apart of the Looxcie family and they are competitively priced.  More and more people are taking video cameras everywhere they go to document their lives and now Looxcie is making it easier.

Check out the whole list of Looxcie’s new accessories:

  • Helmet Strap Mount, $24.99
  • ·        Vented Helmet Mount, $19.99
  • ·        Ball Cap Clip, $19.99
  • ·        Tripod Head, $19.99
  • ·        Tripod, $19.99
  • ·        Windshield Mount, $29.99
  • ·        Car Visor Mount, $29.99

Also Compatible with Looxcie 1:

  • ·        180° Fish-Eye Lens, $24.99
  • ·        2X Zoom Telephoto Lens, $19.99
  • ·        Wide-Angle & Macro Lens, $19.99
  • ·        Car Charger, $9.99
  • ·        Wall Charger, $5.99 –
  • ·        Carrying Case, $9.99

Get a Looxcie 2 now at the link below and start shooting!

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