Live Blog:CTIA Live: Qualcomm Press Briefing On Connected Things

5:00pm: “There isn’t a lot of difference between an e-reader and a tablet”?? – tell Amazon that

4:56pm: Glen Lurie (AT&T): customers with wifi only tablets are significantly less satisfied than those with 3G/4G enabled tablets

4:54pm: What is the biggest obstacle to get consumers to adopt embedded devices?

4:53PM: embedded sim- the ability to put a SIM into a device and change carrier remotely?

4:52pm: EMH program (Emerging market handest program) Someone asked a question about manufacturers winning a bid for embedded modules

4:51PM: Spectrum is and will continue to be an issue for the industry

4:50PM: Anna from the GSMA embedded team is talking about guidelines for manufacturers to embed data into their devices

4:48PM: Will there be GSMA guidelines?

4:44pm: Sasch Sagan asks Interoperability is one of the main concern of GSMA but fragmentation in the United States hinders that. ¬†“Are there guidelines that you guys are going to put in place…” to encourage the industry to manufacture more interoperable devices

4:43pm: GSMA, AT&T and Qualcomm talking about connected life

4:42PM We got here late

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