HTC Puts Another Nail In RIM’s Coffin

HTC’s smartphone sales were through the roof last quarter. HTC beat out both Apple and Samsung in smartphone sales (Samsung won on phones overall though).  According to the latest research from Canalys, HTC shipped 5.7 million smartphones in the third quarter while Samsung shipped 5.2 million. Apple came in third place with 4.9 million.  Many reports indicate that Apple’s sales may have been soft because of the anticipation for the iPhone 4S.

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Canalys VP and lead analyst Chris Jones spoke to the Silicon Alley Insider and pointed out that the threat from HTC isn’t to Apple but rather to RIM, the manufacturer of the Blackberry. HTC and Samsung had year over year increases of more than 50% in the smartphone department.  RIM on the other hand fell over two thirds.

RIM had 24% of the market share in Q3 2010 but this year fell to just 9%.  RIM has been in complete turmoil over the last year. Many analysts have suggested a change in leadership may help.

These numbers from Canalys put it into perspective for you:

2 Replies to “HTC Puts Another Nail In RIM’s Coffin”

  1. Don’t count RIM out yet.  Other’s are performing really well right now, but don’t let the numbers fool you.  Remember your math and statistics, folks.  The pie has gotten bigger, much bigger, over the last year.  RIM’s share of it has fallen relative to the others, but if you look at RIM by itself, it’s growing at 40% YoY in subscribers.  That’s huge.  It’s still in the Fortune 100 fastest growing companies and it’s undergoing a huge and fundamental platform transition.   

  2. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before Apple goes after HTC with lawsuits to stop them from selling phones in the same countries. Apple will find some reason such as….. they are protecting their intellectual right to sell more phones than HTC.

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