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UPDATED: HTC Flyer $99 At But Sold Out NO IN STORE!

Wow. The 7″ HTC Flyer tablet has been lowered to $99 on  unfortunately it is currently sold out.  According to many folks on the east coast on Google+  Bestbuy is not honoring this pricing in store.

Best Buy officially announced a $200 price reduction last week on HTC’s first Android tablet.  The lowering to $99 actually comes as a shock as we didn’t think that the HTC Flyer was doing bad enough to warrant such a change.  HTC introduced the 10″ JetStream table ton AT&T last month.  The Jetstream hasn’t seen mass adoption yet because the main attraction is the 4G/LTE for AT&T which is only available in five cities.

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The HTC Flyer offers some features on a tablet that no one else has.  The 7″ form factor tablet interacts with the HTC Scribe which is a digital pen. Certain applications integrate the Scribe technology.  The Flyer was targeted towards business people and students who need the ability to write notes in free hand, capture the for meetings, and even record them.

Often thought of as the best consumer UI experience, HTC’s Sense UI was completely rebuilt for the HTC Flyer and HTC Tablets and offers a totally different experience for the end user, pulling from it the best features of the phone version of the UI.

HTC doesn’t have any officially announced tablets in the pipeline and the rumor mill is slow on an HTC tablet right now, so we’re not sure what this is. Perhaps it’s just a quick, innocent sale.


UPDATE: 12:51PM ET with this photo of an instore card with the same pricing

source: Ryan Mills Google+

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