Holiday Gift Guide: Targus 3 In 1 Stylus

So far we’ve seen two great stylus’ this year, the Bracketron 2 in 1 stylus and now this one by Targus. The Targus 3 in 1 stylus has one more “in 1” that the stylus by Bracketron. What could it be you ask? How about an old fashioned laser pointer. See with the Styli this year we’re going retro back to the 90’s…

With tablets bubbling with popularity this year and one of the most sought after items for this Holiday Shopping Season there are going to be many styli finding their way into Christmas Stockings. Styli come in handy with capacitive touch screens because they help keep the screen cleaner and allow the user to write more fluidly, especially in handwriting recognition programs.

Targus, a trusted name in top accessories for business professionals has fused the capacitive touch stylus with a ball point pen and a laser pointer.

The 3 in 1 stylus is a steal at just $33 bucks from Amazon and makes a great holiday gift.

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