Holiday Gift Guide: Plantronics Marque M155 Gets Android

The first thing that we noticed about the Plantronics Marque M155 bluetooth headset is that there is an HTC Desire on the box. An instant win for the Android set.

Although many websites said that the background noise on the Plantronics Marque M155 BlueTooth headset was bad, we didn’t seem to think it was any worse than other headsets that are roughly the same size. Of course with a smaller headset there is less room for noise suppression technology.  Wind was fair, driving with the car windows down was also fair however with the car windows up, or actually walking around a trade show floor like CTIA, we were able to conduct conversations quite easily.

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What was easier than conversations though was the step by step set up that the Marque actually helped us through via it’s voice command.  The first time you turn the Marque on before it’s paired with anything it walks you through the pairing process on Android or on an iPhone.  After that it’s fairly simple to pair with something else, just hold down the call button and voila.

You can control the volume for the Plantronics Marque M155 via the headset itself or on the device it’s connected too. It provided plenty of volume so that you could hear conversations easily and clearly. Also sending music through the device sounded great, treble, and bass were clear (I’m just not a one ear music listener).

When you receive a call you can tell the Marque “Answer” and it does just that. There is an iPhone app available and an Android app available that gives you sound check, a quick vocal note app, audio controlled games and you can also download Plantronics Vocalyst. Vocalyst allows you to use your Plantronics Marque to answer text messages, emails and even update your Facebook or Twitter status. There are some other apps out there that sync with Jabra and other Bluetooth headsets that offer the same functionality.

The Plantronics Marque comes in at around $59 which gives it a competitive edge over similarly functioning BlueTooth headsets.  This is really a preference thing because many people prefer these smaller headsets and are willing to give up some of the noise suppression and other features that you lose with a headset this size. The trade-off is basically the same no matter what manufacturers headset you get in this size frame.

Talk time on the Plantronics Marque is 5 hours. Standby time is 9 days and it takes 2 hours to fully charge it via microUSB.