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Hands On With The Toki Doki Huawei M835 On Metro PCS

The Huawei M835 is a mid-range Android device with a great price on Metro PCS. We’re talking $79 bucks and thats without a subsidized contract.

Well today Huawei and MetroPCS announced a limited edition version of a great Android device, the M835. The new version is the Toki Doki version. This limited edition version has been designed by the cult apparel and accessory brand Tokidoki.   The device has two covers a male version and female version and also has it’s own app.

The special edition app called TokiDoki Snap allows users to take photos with their M835 and then add TokiDoki elements to the photos before posting them to social networks, sharing them or putting them on a special TokiDoki Snap microsite.

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 Our mobile phone is the most important accessory we have and it’s an extension of our personalities,” said tokidoki designer and co-founder Simone Legno. “We use it to maintain our social, business and personal relationships that we can’t live without. It was a unique challenge to design ‘the ultimate accessory’ but we are excited about offering our fans such a customized Android device, with such a great wireless service provider.”

MetroPCS and TokiDoki launched the phone on Thursday at the New York Comicon event.


“We’re extremely excited to introduce another great special edition handset in partnership with SA Studios and Huawei that will appeal to our customers and give them the opportunity to showcase a phone that matches their lifestyle and budget,” said Phil Terry, senior vice president of corporate marketing for MetroPCS. “By collaborating with SA Studios and Huawei we are able to pair Android handsets with great features and affordable service plans with no annual contract, allowing our customers to have it all at an incredible value.”

For more check out our photos and video and if you’re a TokiDoki fan you may want to pick this one up.


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