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Google Maps Updated To Support Ice Cream Sandwich Beam Feature

Two nights ago when Google and Samsung stood on stage together in Hong Kong to unveil both the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich we were given an intense overview of what’s in store with the newest iteration of Android.

One of the biggest “oh wow” features that was announced with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) was the ability to “beam” things from one Ice Cream Sandwich enabled Android phone to another. Simply hold the two phones back to back and activate beam, and via NFC technology you can share content with another ICS phone.

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In the demonstration they showed off the ability to Beam web pages, applications and maps.

The feature that caught my eye the most was the ability to share Google Maps.  There are just so many instances and case uses where this will actually work.  Imagine going out of town for a reunion or wedding where you’re not too familiar with the surroundings and then a group of Android Ice Cream Sandwich owning friends wants to go out. Now just one person need find the directions to the place with Google Maps and then you can beam it down the line. Like a 2011 “telephone game”.

Our friends at Androidcentral have uncovered that the latest update to Google Maps shows in the change logs that Maps is ready for NFC and Ice Cream Sandwich. Specifically Android Central has found that Google Maps has updated permissions including NFC which of course can only mean one thing.

source: Android Central

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