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Google Has Just About Made Ice Cream Sandwich Official For October 11th

On October 10th Americans will celebrate the discovery of America, on Columbus Day. On October 11th we will celebrate the discovery of Ice Cream Sandwich.

Google’s Android development team had put a Youtube live placeholder page on Youtube earlier today. The countdown on that live event had it slated for October 11th.  The Youtube live event place holder has been removed however that doesn’t take away the fact that it was there earlier in the day.

The next Nexus rumor machine has been on full tilt today. It started early in the day with BGR putting out a list of expected specs for the new Nexus device.  Midway through the day that was disputed by many blogs including this post by GSMArena that says everything in the BGR post was wrong except the display.  Android Activist kicked in adding a new photo that was yet unseen and according to a couple of those photoshop pro types, looks legit.

We only have a few days to go but next Tuesday is the day we’ve been waiting for. Keep checking back!

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