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First Google Chromezone Store Opens But Where’s The Android Phones

Google has officially sort of entered the retail business.  Google has opened it’s first Chromezone store in London today.  The store within a store can be found in London’s PC World (think Best Buy not the blog).

The decor is very Google looking with a focus on blue.  This particular store is all about Chrome. The Samsung, and Acer Chromebooks are prominently displayed as well as some accessories like headphones. Absent are other Google items and Android phones.

There has been wide speculation that Google is going to get into the full blown retail business a la the Apple Store.  A Google store could easily sell chrome books, Android phones, apparel, accessories, and soon Motorola phones as well.

There is another Chromezone slated to launch on October 7th in a large shopping mall outside of London. This store is expected to be a stand alone.  Perhaps it will have more Google stuff and not just Chrome? But only Google knows.

source: Thinq via  CNET

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