Facebook Updates Mobile Site, We Want It For Android

Today Facebook released a pretty hefty update to their mobile site, closely mirroring their newly updated iOS app. The update to the mobile site completely removes the need for a “start menu”, as everything now slides out to the side instead of being in a menu. There you have all the necessary things like news feed, friends, pictures, events, groups, and your profile. Now up top of the mobile site is three new icons: friend requests, messaging, and notifications. These update with the little bubbles letting you know when you have unread of each, and are very helpful.

Overall the new UI of this update is very smooth. I think it is definitely the direction Facebook should be taking their applications, as the old version would be hard to support all new features. The iOS app has been updated to look like this, and I am really hoping Facebook doesn’t neglect their Android app as they’ve been known to do in the past. Stay tuned for more updates on Facebook and their new application move, as we’re very fond of the new mobile site and hope it comes to Android quickly. If not, Facebook is giving Android users more of an incentive to ditch Facebook’s app, or Facebook completely because of a lack of support.

One Reply to “Facebook Updates Mobile Site, We Want It For Android”

  1. it sure would be nice to have an update with substance on droid very soon alas facebook don’t seem to care much for the droid platform, I always call them out on the FfD fan page on facebook and never get a reply however lots of people like what I have so say on the issue. there is so much the app doesn’t do compared to the iphone app, i hope that i am wrong and we soon recieve a shiney new update which brings us upto par with others, one app to rule them all tolkien would say lol…

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