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Facebook Messenger Gets Updated With Handy New Features And Bug Fixes

Facebook Messenger

Facebook released their Messenger app for Android a few months ago, showing that they can, in fact, develop for Android and come through with a smooth app that gets the job done. Sadly, this was only for the messaging portion of Facebook, and left the rest of the service hanging onto an outdated buggy app. Facebook has however, continued to improve their Messenger app, updating it today with a few more features for Android and iPhone users.

These updates include a lot of new things, one of which should have been there from the start. You can now see when your friends are online, and who is online, making this app a lot more functional for what it’s supposed to do. The rest of the additions are as follows:

  1. • Ability to see who’s online and who’s mobile
  2. • Ability to see when the other person is typing
  3. • A faster way to compose new messages to the people you message most
  4. • Various performance improvements
  5. • Support for 22 languages
Be sure to check this app out if you haven’t yet, and hopefully Facebook continues to update its main app as much as the Messenger app. The web app and iOS app have recently received an update to a new interface that should be coming to Android, and hopefully it will soon.

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