Droid HD Getting Closer; Shows Up In Verizon’s Device Manager

We missed a story on Friday about the Motorola Droid HD, HTC Vigor, and Nexus Prime showing up in the CelleBrite system.  CelleBrite is the nifty machine that Verizon Wireless and other wireless carriers, use to copy contact info from one device to another. Of course any long standing Android owner would know that all your contacts are backed up into the cloud via your Google Account anyway, but if you’re switching to an Android device you may need an in-store contact transfer.

So after that story we get some fresh news via our friends at Droid-Life, that the Motorola Droid HD is now showing up in Verizon’s device management system.

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Device Management gives you a little better picture of what to expect. The entry for the Motorola Droid HD clearly says that it’s a 4G/LTE phone. Typically in the release cycle with Verizon we’ll also see an employee training leak that will tell us when the Verizon corporate store employees can login to Verizon’s corporate training system and get schooled on a new device.

When a device shows up for online training it’s usually given a date you can start the training module and the date it needs to be finished by.  It’s that finish date that gives us an even better idea of how close we are to a phones release.

We’ve heard that we will see this device in November, before black friday. Keep your eyes peeled because this one looks like a winner, even better than the Droid Bionic.

source: Droid-Life