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Developer’s: Millennial Media Conducting State Of The Apps Survey, You Can Win Too

Are you an Android developer, iOS developer, or any other kind of mobile developer? Well Millennial Media wants to hear from you.

Millennial Media, the mobile ad platform, is currently conducting their State of the Apps survey for 2011. The “State of the apps” report focuses on insights in the mobile application space. Last year for instance the report revealed that 30% of developer’s expected to see 100% increase from mobile app revenue. 20% of developers expected to start working on Windows Phone 7 apps. Millennial is looking forward to seeing if those predictions held true.

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Other key areas that will be revealed is the OS mix for developers responding in the survey. How many developers are developing for iOS? How many developers are developing for Android? How many are doing both? Is there a third mobile ecosystem emerging?

Unlike their monthly Mobile Mix reports that take a snap shot of app user behaviors across the mobile app ecosystem, the “State of the apps” report will drill down to the nitty gritty with information that comes from developers and is important to developers. ¬†Millennial is also giving away $500 for one random developer as well as other $100 prizes randomly selected from participants.

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