Developer Of Occupy Wall Street Android App Speaks Up

Android developer Jason Van Anden caught up with the Daily Caller recently to talk about his “I’m Getting Arrested” Occupy Wall Street App.

Van Anden’s development firm called Quadrant 2, published the “I’m Getting Arrested” app to the Android Market.  Van Anden told the Daily Caller, along with several other media outlets, that his app was inspired by Occupy Wall Street when a friend of his was arrested during the protest.

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It’s a fairly simple app and can be used for any reason, not just OWS. The app lets you store custom text messages and who you want to send them to. Then, if you do get arrested, or feel it coming on, you simply tap the app one time and it blasts out a customized text message to those on your list. After it does that, the app tells the user to “Be Polite”.

Van Anden’s app is free, so he’s not trying to make a profit out of OWS however he does contend that he is a software developer and he’s not against capitalism.

He started the app on October 5th after his friend’s girlfriend was arrested during the occupy protest. Although he’s not actively participating in the protests, he saw designing the app as his way of using his skill set to help the cause.  He told the Daily Caller he didn’t want to make a profit rather he wanted to help people get their voice heard he feels is removed from it’s citizens.

Van Anden told the Daily Caller “I think we have Microsoft and I think we’re saying why can’t we have Apple,” and continued “For a while everyone accepted Microsoft — it’s bigger because it was the easy choice at the time, but Apple seems to really care about its customers.”

According to the Daily Caller the app has been downloaded over 12,000 times, a figure that matches Van Anden’s Android Market stats.

If you want to download it click here

source: The Daily Caller

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