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CTIA: Quick Look At The New Pantech Pocket

Today we got to take a look at a new Android device, the Pantech Pocket. The Pocket was announced Monday evening alongside four other new Android devices headed to AT&T.

The Pantech Pocket provides a unique form factor with AT&T’s HSPA+ (4G) speed. The device is 4 inches square and has an HVGA display that actually looks great in this new form factor.  While we were talking with Pantech they didn’t want to call the device a “mini tablet” rather let the customer decide what the device is to them.  Of course some might feel that 4 inches is too small for a tablet, while others may feel this unique square form factor is too big for a phone.  Although it’s .3 inches less than the size of several Android smart phones the square form factor makes it appear larger.

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it’s running on a single core 1ghz processor, and hasa 5 mega pixel camera. Of course we had the great pixel camera debate with the folks from Pantech who have come to the same conclusion that I have. That is, an 8 mega pixel camera when at the highest setting actually takes pictures too big for a phone to handle sending or sharing (at least through Gmail). We truly feel the “sweet spot” for on-board camera is 5 mega pixels.

The Pocket has 512mb of on-board storage and a microSD slot that is of course expandable to 32gb.

Some of the highlights in the Pantech Pocket experience are e-book reading, and anything involving display like movies, photos, tv shows and navigation.  On navigation both AT&T’s navigator and Google’s, Google Maps turn by turn navigation looks great taking up that square form factor.  The trick is going to be seeing what Pantech or other accessory manufacturers come up with for a dashboard dock.

Overall this device is a unique device that we really like and hope it can permeate the market. The 4″ square screen is perfect for visual applications and the pricing will probably be just right. Look for it in the first part of November.

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