CTIA: Quick Look At The HTC Sensation XL

Here at CTIA Enterprise & Applications in San Diego we got to see the new HTC Sensation XL. This was the device released last week at a press event in London England.

The Sensation XL features a 4.7″ screen, single core 1.5 ghz processor, 8 mega pixel camera and Beats by Dre audio.¬† We did find out that on the Sensation XL if you use headphones aside from the “Ear Beats” that come with the phone you’ll have srs audio however if you use the “Ear Beats” headphones you’ll get the Beats by Dre software/hardware combination experience.

More (including photo gallery) after the break

The Beats By Dre experience sounds full and has great low end and mid range. Drum driven rock music, hip hop and pulsating pop/dance sound exceptional in the Sensation XL.

Also there were a lot of people concerned about the pixel density and how good it would look on the Sensation XL we assure you it’s great so please enjoy the videos and the photos because in the US this is all we get as this phone is a European exclusive.

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  1. So is just the sensation with beats by dre. And a super high price..I’ll stick to my300 dollars sensation

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