CTIA: Cadillac Unveils The Cadillac Cue Cockpit System!

Cadillac unveiled a fully integrated cockpit system that is far more than just infotainment.  The Cadillac Cue (stands for Cadillac User Experience) system combines the sensor stack, dashboard and steering wheel controls into one fully customizable and integrated system.

Cadillac Cue handles audio, entertainment, navigation, safety, dashboard controls and meters, as well as HVAC for one dynamic and integrated cockpit system.

It features the first capacitive touchscreen experience with haptic feedback in the automotive world. Everything from the sensor stack is fully integrated and touch sensitive just as the 8 inch display is. The display also has a proximity sensor that allows less needed components to hide when the users hand is not near the display, when the user gets their hand 8 inches in front of the system it activates and becomes touch ready.

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There are controls on the steering wheel that allow the user to customize the experience in the center console and the dashboard. You can choose a traditional meter layout or a futuristic looking control system. You can place things like audio controls, phone, navigation maps and meters in various places on the dash. The buttons on the steering wheel allow you to change through the experience quickly and with your eyes still on the road.

The system also works with natural voice recognition by the touch of a steering wheel column button or by a button on the touch screen.

Navigation can display an 8 inch map across the display screen and also place different map views and directions across the dash board.

Watch the video for a real comprehensive look at the Cadillac Cue it’s the future of in-car systems.  The system is Linux based