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Best Buy Launches App Discovery Center

Best Buy has opened up a new app discovery center designed to help their mobile customers use their tablets and smartphones more effectively.

Best Buy’s new app discovery center is located at and features apps for all flavors of Android, iPhones and iPods. The Best Buy App Discovery Centered is powered by licensed, proprietary algorithms by Appolicious.

The layout of the new Best Buy App Discovery Center is easy to navigate. The top left offers a tab for iPhones/iPads or Android.  From there there is a left side bar for app categories and a series of recommendations. The first recommendation box is Best Buy recommendations that are submitted by the Best Buy Mobile work force much in the same way their employees participate in Best Buy Mobile’s monthly magazine.

The next pane is a crowd sourced recommendation pane. The bottom left pane is hot apps by download and the bottom right pane is price cuts via the Android Market. In fact the App Discovery Center is just that, discovery. It seems all transactions are actually handled through the Android Market, it’s just a lot more organized thanks to Best Buy and appolicious.

Source: Best Buy

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