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AT&T Samsung Galaxy SII Ready To Party

Well happy October 2nd to you too. Today, Samsung’s Galaxy S II hits the AT&T Network.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the Samsung Galaxy S II is, in my opinion, the best Android phone I’ve used to date. That’s big.

It features a 4.27 inch, superAMOLED Plus display. Running that display and all the computing is a 1.2ghz dual core Exonys (Samsung) processor. It’s also the thinnest smartphone in the world right now at 8.9mm thick.

I’ve been really impressed with the overall performance.  You may find this to be a tad bit absurd but one of the things that the Samsung Galaxy S II has done better than most every other Android phone I’ve tested (over 50 to date at least), is make, take, transfer, hold and conference calls. I take a tremendous amount of calls and do a lot of impromptu conferencing. I also have to do a lot of switching via call waiting and I know no one else is reporting this, but the Samsung Galaxy S II can just keep up with the way I use the phone.

On the data side, the SGSII on AT&T multi-tasks like a champ.  So far notifications haven’t gotten sloppy and lag and glitch is at an absolute minimum.

Netflix looks amazing on the superAMOLED plus display.  resizable widgets allow me to customize homescreens to the fullest and my pictures look great before posting thanks to the onboard photo editor.

The SGSII is available today from AT&T for $199 on a new two year agreement.

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