AT&T Hopes To Make It Easier To Use Your Personal Phone For Work With Toggle

AT&T has introduced a new service called “Toggle”.  Toggle allows AT&T customers to use their own smartphone for work use, a trend that’s continuing to grow.  By allowing employees to use their own enterprise security and function equipped phone for work, companies are saving big money on IT costs.

Toggle allows you to create two totally separate identities for your personal life and business life. Toggle works with both smartphones and tablets. For Android, all you need is a device with Android 2.2 “Froyo” or higher.

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Toggle should help eliminate having to carry two phones during the workday. Although the report doesn’t say it’s dual sim we are hoping this means you get two numbers as well. This means you can hit your Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter and then turn around and use quickoffice or google docs to look at that pending spreadsheet.

The downside to Toggle is that you have to manually switch identities and each identity is separate so functionality is different.

“When it comes to connected devices, one size doesn’t fit all,” said Chris Hill, vice president of advanced mobility services in AT&T’s business services group. “People want to use their own smartphones and tablets for work, but that practice can create major headaches for businesses’ IT departments.”

With some enterprise security features built in to Toggle, AT&T says that employees with the right credentials can access their companies data from their “work” identity.

This announcement comes just ahead of CTIA Enterprise and Applications in San Diego CA this week which focuses on mobile devices in workplace environments and app ecosystems. We’ll be live all week from CTIA bringing you more exciting news.

source: Cnet