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Asus To Reveal New Transformer Tablet With Ice Cream Sandwich In Tow?

AllthingsD's Walt Mossberg examines the new EeePad Transformer tablet photo: Allthingsd

With all the excitement leading up to Samsung and Google’s announcement last night in Hong Kong the real reason journalists were in town, Allthings D: AsiaD, seems to have been overlooked. After all AllthingsD events are usually the events were new technology is debuted and dreams are born or shattered.

Take last year’s AllthingsD: D Mobile, that was the event where Andy Rubin brought on stage with him the at the time unannounced Motorola Xoom as well as the unannounced Honeycomb operating system, Android 3.0.  It was also an AllthingsD event where Palm introduced the Palm Pre and people saw first hand how much trouble Blackberry was really in.

This AllthingsD event is filled with the same. Although Andy Rubin was tight lipped for US carriers for the Galaxy Nexus, ASUS Chairman Johnny Shih was filled with good information.

Shih brought onstage with him Asus’ new ultra thin notebook computer designed to rival the MacBook Air.  He also took on stage a secret briefcase, telling AllthingsD’s Walt Mossberg he would show what’s in his briefcase later. That gave Mossberg that opportunity to ask about Ice Cream Sandwich.  Mossberg asked Shih if we would see Ice Cream Sandwich on tablets before the end of the year. Shih responded by telling Mossberg it could be before that.

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After that conversation it was time for Shih to open up the briefcase. Inside was the next generation of the highly successful (by Android tablet standards), Eee Pad Transformer. This new transformer is 8.3 milimeters thin, with a 10 inch screen. Shih also confirmed that it would have an Nvidia quad core processor (which we have learned that actually has 5 cores).

Shih told Mossbeg that the new Transformer tablet would be formally announced November 9th.  Put that together with what he told Mossberg about Ice Cream Sandwich and it seems we could see Android 4.0 on the next Asus tablet.

source: AllthingsD

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