App Spotlight: Zinio

People enjoy staying current with what matters to them. For some that means watching the news at night or reading the paper However, some prefer a different media;:the magazine. NMany different apps have come out to cater to those wanting to be in the know, and for those who read magazines one of those apps is Zinio.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Zinio is essentially a magazine stand in an app. It does everything an average magazine shop would do selling the consumer magazines and subscriptions. What sets it apart is the price paid, the time saved, and the mobility it affords the user. It also offers a piece of mind, considering the user does not have to carry it about with them and worry about it getting ruined by errant storm or some other unfortunate occurrence. There are many different magazines available under several different headings from automotive to home design. There is something for everyone, no matter their interests.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

This is a great app for all those readers who prefer their news and hobbies to come in magazine format. It is convenient, and something worth looking into for those on the go who can’t seem to make it to their magazine stand of choice on time.

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