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App Spotlight: Zillow, House Hunting On Your Android Phone

Looking for a home on the housing market can be tough. There is an app that can help with this problem called Zillow. Through multiple avenues, it will attempt to make the future home owners’ search a little less daunting.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

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If the user knows what they are looking for it is a good idea to refine the search through the filter, otherwise their screen will be filled with every rental and sale available. When that is done the user will have the option of zooming in their gps location or scroll across the map looking for a home anywhere within reason.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Once the user decides on a home they wish to look into they can select the property and see further information available on it. The information is rather expansive, ranging from pictures and a description of the property, to charts of its value over time and a list of its previous sales. If the home is to the buyers’ liking, they can contact the seller through the app itself and set up further negotiations.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

An interesting way to review real estate, Zillow is an app for anyone looking to buy a new home or simply wishing to find out what the worth of their current property on the market. The addition of GPS location also adds an interesting twist to it, allowing people to search prospective neighborhoods as they travel through them. Zillow is an app to keep in mind if in the market for that next dream home.

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