App Spotlight: StopWatch & Timer

Many phones come with a preloaded timer or stopwatch of some sort. However, they rarely work the way they are supposed to. That is why thousands of users have switched to the app Stopwatch & Timer.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

But why do so many people like it? Well for starters, the app is very clean and quite easy to use. It has two functions as the name would imply: a stopwatch and a timer. The stopwatch function is pretty user friendly, with a start and reset option. Once it starts, however, you have the option to register a time as a lap and will list them below the stopwatch. The ability to do this turns a simple stopwatch into a useful aid, allowing a runner on a track to log a lap and continue running.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Finally, there is the timer option; once again something that seems pretty simple. However, this isn’t just a simple timer, this app allows for multiple timers to be available at once. The timers are listed as they are created, allowing the user to quickly switch between them.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

There is a free version and also a paid version known as “StopWatch & Timer Plus.” The Plus version allows for a few added features, such as renaming the timers and laps, adding multiple alarms and so on.

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  1. Hybrid Stop Watch And Timer has the same features and a much better UI (IMO).  Oh, and the full version is FREE!  Check it out in the market:

  2. Hey, not sure if I missed it, but could you guys start putting links to market in your app posts? Whenever you write about an app, I have to go over to the market and search for it (white wine, I know). But some times there are multiple apps with the same name. It would really just make your blog that much better.

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