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App Spotlight: Stitcher News & Sports Radio

This day and age people expect things to be mobile in order to fit in with their hectic lives. Should they have to deprive themselves of the things they enjoy just because they’re busy? No, of course not. If the radio is one of those things that just can’t be given up, an app that may help solve this problem is Stitcher.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Stitcher is an app that allows the user to listen to their favorite radio shows no matter what, no matter where. Through Stitcher they can listen to thousands of on demand shows and podcasts. If they happen upon a few shows that they enjoy, Stitcher will allow them to mold them into a personalized station in “My Stations.” It can also keep the user abreast of any headline news that has come out in the “Front Page” section of the app. To help spread the experience, the listener can share with their friends what program they may be listening to through Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Stitcher does a decent job at what it claims to provide. People can listen to their favorite radio stations on demand. They’re not the only app out there that offers this service, but despite this fact give them a try. It doesn’t offer the same experience as listening to the news on the radio in real-time, but it is a close runner-up.

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