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App Spotlight: Spotvite


Everyone can remember a time when they were bored. At home, at work, at school; everyone gets bored at some point or another. It is in these periods of our lives that we can become most spontaneous, doing things that, in our regular daily schedule, would seem pretty random and out of place. Well, now there’s an app to help you be even more spontaneous, on the go and in your local area…or anywhere else.


Spotvite is an application that was released this month that allows users to “host” “events” and gather together to do whatever it is they choose. Spotvite has a very simple interface in which you can see what users around you are doing, or you can check the worldwide feed. So what exactly are these users doing? Anything. Spotvite is all about finding others around you, and doing fun, cool things with new people. You can host different events whenever you’d like, or join someone else’s. For example, if you’re into basketball, and want some fresh opponents to dunk on, host an event on Spotvite at the local park, and anyone that sees the invite can come and play with you. You can also join other people’s events, such as going dancing at the local club with a bunch of strangers to ensure you have an unforgettable night.

Spotvite has a very intuitive UI, and a lot of times startup applications really focus on the core of the app and the features and not necessarily the UI–and that’s where Spotvite got it right. There have been many times where I have downloaded and uninstalled an app because it was so ugly I didn’t care what it could do. Spotvite, however, has a good interface with animations that make it a smooth¬†experience, and may draw a lot of new users simply because of it. If you’re interested in meeting new people and doing a lot of cool stuff while you’re at it, Spotvite is the app for you, and you can download it from the Android Market for free.

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