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App Spotlight: QuickPic

People love taking pictures no matter the occasion. Therefore, there are many apps out there tailored to help the would-be photographer inside us. They come in all shapes and sizes whether they’re camera apps, editing apps, sharing apps, or in this case, an app that helps the user view their prized photos. It’s called QuickPic, and like the name suggests, a user can surf through their images quickly.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

The app loads quickly into a list of all available folders that contain photos. Pick a gallery, and the app will load all images within as clear thumbnails. The main point of this app is the speed at which it can accomplish all of this. The stock gallery phones offer can take forever to load photos, especially if they are bloated with images. QuickPic doesn’t seem to struggle with this and the wait was minimal, if that.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

QuickPic offers other services, as well. The user can Password protect their photos to keep them out of sight from prying eyes. They can also edit their photos to some extent. This app is useful for anyone tired of waiting for their phones gallery to finish loading or who simply want a new way to view his or her treasured memories.

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