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App Spotlight: Pumpkins Vs. Monsters

Halloween is a wonderful time of year. Children get to dress up and spend time with their friends collecting candy while parents get to capture those cherished moments. Let us not forget all those great Halloween parties either. With that time of year nearly upon us there is a game called Pumpkins Versus Monsters that can help kill the time between now and then.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

The game is both simple and entertaining. The goal is to defend the home from a variety of monsters that would like nothing more than to come and say “hello.” To protect said home just match three or more pumpkins of the same color and flick them at the oncoming monsters. The user will fight everything from run of the mill zombies to the grim reaper himself. There are two available modes of play, an endless setting that is exactly as the name implies, and a story mode for those who want some structure to their monster slaying. The user can buy upgrades to make their pumpkins more powerful and usable items for those hectic moments.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Pumpkins Versus Monsters is a great time killer. It is easy to pick up and easy to put down, making this app one to recommend for anyone with a few minutes to spare, or someone who just enjoys blowing up monsters with flaming pumpkins.

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