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App Spotlight: Proximitips

People love to keep in touch with their community. We do this through social networking services like Facebook or through Android applications such as Foursquare. Proximitips is another one of those social Android apps, but this app focuses primarily on the local community.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

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Proximitips attempts to bring the community together with this app. People can browse street by street using the interactive map to see what is going on as it happens. There is a feed named “what’s next door” that attempts to point out all the events going on around the user. If none of this works, there is the option to communicate with other people who are using the app. Through this, people can find out which local restaurants are worthwhile, or what is going on locally that hasn’t been posted yet. If users do decide that a restaurant is what they are looking for, Proximitips has a booking option that will help them complete the booking of their choosing.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

This app seems like a good idea focusing on a niche of local events. However, there are many apps out there competing against it that do the same job and some of them with more efficiency. There are many force closes, the booking option is stuck on loading and after a while the apps appeal seems to dwindle. The idea behind it is a good one: a way to unite the local community. However, until these problems are addressed it would seem that some of the more popular apps such as Foursquare and Gowalla are better options.

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