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App Spotlight: Postcard On The Run

Everyone loves going on vacation, right? Right! From creating memories to simply enjoying the food from another culture, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to share the experiences you are having with others? With Postcard On The Run anyone can do this in a more personal and interesting way than just saving photos for later.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Postcard On The Run is very simple to use, just take the picture, whether its from your gallery or fresh from your camera and then add a comment to it to make it a bit more personal. Now sign it, add the recipient and the app will do the rest.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

What’s interesting about this app is not only is it simple to use but if the user does not know the address of the person they are sending the picture to, the app will help them out. As long as the sender has the recipient’s phone number, the postcard will get to them. This way it is easy to share sights and sounds with others in a moment without having to travel back to a store to find an impersonal postcard instead.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

This is a great service for anyone out trekking the globe, or just simply wishing to share what they’ve seen with the ones they love. Postcards cost just under a dollar, which is pretty much a steal when it comes down to it.


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