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App Spotlight: OnTheFly

There are many apps that would be considered decent when it comes to travel and flight. However, there are very few of them out there that would be considered great. OnTheFly, by ITA Software, is one of those few.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Many users have complained about these types of apps saying that they do not have all the options someone needs when deciding which flight to take. For the most part their complaints are well-founded–flight apps rarely deliver what they claim to provide. Users want to be able to control every little detail of their flight; after all, they want their money to stretch as far as possible. OnTheFly gets close to delivering every feature the user needs: from how many stops there will be in their travels to whether there will be a meal waiting for them on their next flight.

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Flexible travelers who book well enough in advance will enjoy the intuitive travel date calendar built into OnTheFly. It allows them to control the price of their flight depending on the day they choose to travel through an easy to use interface. Once decided, the app will guide the user in placing a call to their airline of choice.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

The app is intuitive and well thought out. This makes it easy to recommend to any traveler who may be looking for a helping hand in picking the best flight.

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