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App Spotlight: My Class Schedule

The life of a student is difficult trying to keep track of due dates for assignments, when the next exam is coming, etc. All of this is made more difficult while trying to keep an active social life. Let’s be honest, the Bio-chemistry final on Tuesday is important, but the end of semester party the following night is more so. Thankfully, there are apps out there like My Class Schedule that can help keep that active social life alive and kicking by finishing the work ahead of time.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

The app will need only a bit of information to create a schedule. Enter the courses being taken and their times. Once this is done, the app will create a schedule for the student that is easy to use and follow. The app comes with a widget as well that will tell the student how many classes are left in the day to complete.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Also offered is the option of inputting future assignments, which will be tracked on the schedule. It offers the student the ability to track the grade they have so far in the class by entering the scores they have received on exams and assignments.

Screenshot by Josh Gough

Simple to use and efficient, My Class Schedule makes it easy for a student to get to class early and to get worked handed in on time. Scheduling apps take the guesswork out of the lives of those who use them. Therefore, try out this app if you’re a student. It can relieve some of the stress in an already stress-filled life.

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